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Antonin Dvorak Museum
Josef Suk Monument
No. 3, 257 48, Krecovice
Phone: +420 317 741 308
Phone/Fax: +420 224 923 363
Opening hours:
Tue - Sun 10 am - 5 pm
On Mondays upon prior agreement.

The composer and violin player Josef Suk was born on 4 January 1874 in Krecovice near Sedlcany, on an estate built in 1895 by his father, a long-time teacher and schoolmaster in Krecovice as well as the local organ player.

The Josef Suk Monument in Krecovice depicts the creative and human fortunes of Josef Suk through the original interior furnishing and records from distinct stages of his creative development, including performances with the Czech Quartet. The collection features original furniture, paintings, Suk’s Bösendorfer piano as well as various personal items. Other records document Suk’s performances with the Czech Quartet and his composing. The monument was founded after Suk’s death on 29 May 1935. The family surrendered the building to the state in 1951.


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